• lotus-purple-300x300


    Price:90.00The Lotus is tailored for a magnificent massage experience. This vibrator has 10 Pulsation and Vibration patterns and multiple [...]
  • neon-play-paints-300x300

    Neon Play Paints

    Price:15.00Now you can write out your innermost desires on your lover’s body with these fun NEON “Play Paints”! These bright assorted colored [...]
  • Bodylicious-edible-pens-300x300

    Bodylicious Edible Pens

    Price:15.00Now you can play and say, in the most erotic way, all your intimate desires with BODYLICIOUS Edible Body Pens! These fun amazing [...]
  • Candy-G-string-regular-300x300

    Candy G-String

    Price:16.00To be sweet and sexy, slip into this edible Candy G-String! Elastic holds the candy in place, and one size fits most. Tell your lover [...]
  • Sexy-Edible-Panty-300x300

    Sexy Edible Panty

    Price:9.00Give in to your temptation and take a bite.  These delicious edible panties are made of a thin, flexible, flavored material. They [...]
  • Edible-Undies-for-Him-300x300

    Edible Undies for Him

    Price:9.00These delicious edible briefs are made of a thin, flexible, flavored material. They soften and become even more delicious as things [...]
  • beso-300x300


    Price:95.00The sleek, curved design of the Beso allows the sucking action to go right where you need it most with super strong suction as well as [...]
  • Pocket-Vibe-300x300

    Pocket Vibe

    Price:30.00Take your new mini vibe wherever you go for on the spot pleasure. Small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag, this cute little [...]
  • G-wave-300x300


    Price:130.00Operating on a wavelength all on its own, the G-Wave takes triple action stimulation to new heights. Its mind-blowing flexibility and [...]
  • Lingus-300x300


    Price:30.00Celebrate intense, toe-curling climaxes as a duo with the joyous, pulsating toy we like to call Lingus. What is a Lingus anyways? [...]