Adult Romance

How to choose a weekend romance. When we watch T.V. or the movies mostly it is young couples in provocative situations. It indicates that a weekend romance is not for the senior citizen until you see advertisements for erectile dysfunction and new stimulants for senior women. Until these came along, there was a myth about seniors enjoying a weekend romance with sexual activity.


If anyone would track what movies are rented, they would see that seniors have a healthy appetite for romantic comedies as well as a ‘chick flick’ and are interested in both a relationship and a weekend romance.  Retirement can be a rebirth of romance full time or a weekend romance get-a-way.


When was the last time you and your sweetie took a weekend romance? Not a vacation with the kids, grandkids or another couple?

A weekend romance can rekindle, rejuvenate and reconnect your relationship. A weekend romance is designed to rest, relax and retreat from the everyday rigors of life, family, stress and work. Statistics show that couples that spend time giving each other undistracted time and attention to each other are more satisfied with their marriages than those who do not.


If you are pondering if you can afford a weekend romance, think if you can afford not to have a weekend romance with regards to your relationship. Before you take your weekend romance rendezvous, be sure that you don’t have any anger or grudges with one another. Apply the sunset rule. Don’t let the sunset in a provoked state. It will allow you to bond and become stronger in your relationship.


You don’t need to lavish each other with expensive gifts. Your actions and words can be seductive on a weekend romance. There are many creative activities that a couple can pursue and experience on their weekend romance.


Have fun and don’t forget your meds.


It’s an age-old stereotype that when it comes to sex, men want it more than women. However, a study is challenging that thinking.

The research, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, based on three studies of long-term, established couples, found that men often underestimate their partner’s sexual desire.

The same is not true for men and women when they first meet. Past research has consistently shown that men tend to perceive a greater sexual interest from women based on their behaviour at initial contact. This is often explained by evolutionary psychology – that men cannot afford to miss out on a mating opportunity, and are thus overly optimistic about their chances.

So why are men missing the signals when it comes to long-term relationships?In an article for Science of Relationships, researcher Amy Muise, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, writes that a possible explanation for the findings is because men want to avoid rejection. “Sexual rejection tends to be associated …and more »

#repost | In a partnership where you feel as though your sex life is on the rocks, it could be helpful to look at how strong your boundaries are. Strong boundaries help us navigate difficult situations in our relationships and signal when people are trying to overstep you or, conversely, not take responsibility for themselves. Often times this kind of back and forth can feel burdensome and puts a huge strain on partners. When it gets to be too much, you could seriously benefit from seeing a therapist. Check out this handy guide to understanding and developing good boundaries.